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New Triazzle Collaboration with Channel Craft!

Since 1991 Triazzle has brought joy to millions of enthusiasts around the world. From grade school children to college graduates it offers a seemingly simple challenge . . . can you assemble the triangles with all pictures matching? Its Harder Than It Looks!

In 2020 Channel Craft launches two brand new lines of Triazzle brain teasers: the original tray puzzle series and the magnetic Travel Triazzle! I am proud to announce this relationship with one of America's premier "made in America" toy manufacturers.

Sincerely Dan


The classic picture-matching brain teaser puzzle loved by millions around the world

  • Develops problem-solving skills & strategic thinking
  • Perfect adult/child activity
  • Used in classrooms from grade school through college
  • Winner of multiple industry awards
  • Available at, Amazon, and quality toy stores

How It Works

The object is simply to place the triangular pieces into the frame with all pictures matching. There are many possibilities where to place the triangles but only one will lead to the correct solution. Triazzle challenges strategic thinking, memory and even willingness to risk. Variations of the brain teaser have been made for all ages. Triazzle has won numerous awards including Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toys, Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio, Newsweek Editors Choice Award, iLounge Top 100 iPhone Games and many more.

The Art of Puzzles

Stunning imagery has, from it's inception been a hallmark of the Triazzle series. Since 1991, artwork for Triazzle has been created by Dan Gilbert and by illustrators at the "Art Group". Most have been nature themes including all manner of insects, sealife, reptiles and amphibians, icky animals, tropical birds, the Solar System and much more. Triazzle has also featured licensed art including Pixar's Toy Story, The Simpsons, Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Finding Nemo, Peter Pan, Marvin the Martian and Star Trek.

Who Plays Triazzle?

Triazzle is easy to play but difficult to solve and it attracts players of all ages. The same puzzles are enjoyed by children and grandparent, and are being used to teach statistics in a college classroom. They are a favorite activity for cooperative learning and the perfect pastime for students who have finished their assignments early. Once someone starts playing with a few pieces they cannot put it down. The new series features all unique solutions, so each puzzle is totally different.

Graphics & Toy Shop

Dan Gilbert puzzles, posters and limited edition giclée prints are now available exclusively online at Studio For Helios. This specialty market also features rare and collectible products you won't find anywhere else. A secret goldmine for collectors of Gilbert, Disney and other properties! Purchase collectible Triazzles like The Simpsons, Toy Story and Alice in Wonderland. Find out-of-print brain teasers like SlideMaster and LostArt from the designer's personal archives.

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