What Triazzlers Are Saying.

“TRIAZZLE-THEY ARE BACK! YAH! Coming up on 30 years in business and I am SO very EXCITED that TRIAZZLE is BACK! I, my customers and staff loved these gorgeous addictive puzzles. Price points were GREAT and we sold a TON! All good things come back around! Thank you Dan Gilbert for bringing YOUR MAGIC back to the specialty toy world! There is not another puzzle like it!”

— Christine Osborne CEO/Founder, Wonder Works, 4 Specialty Toy Store Chain, est. 1990

“When I was a classroom teacher, I always kept Triazzle puzzles in the classroom for the students to use whenever they had free time. They provided the right amount of challenge to produce a strong sense of accomplishment when someone solved them. Students learned problem solving and collaboration skills while also having a great time.”

— Gabe Hunter-Bernstein, Former Classroom Teacher and Teacher Educator

“As a middle school teacher, I am fascinated with the challenge the Triazzle brings to my students. When there is down time the only thing they request is the Triazzle The puzzle is so popular that high school students drop by to try and solve it after school. This will be the third year having it in my class and I already have students asking if they can try to conquer it and if we are getting any more. Your puzzle has created a buzz in our halls and has challenged our students intellectually. Thank you.

— Anthony Calarco, Middle School Teacher

“A friend of mine had gotten Triazzle somewhere and said everyone was having trouble completing it so my husband and I looked at it and said "that looks easy" -- well, we found out it wasn't as easy as it looked. Anyway, she gave me the puzzle and after trying some more, it sort of "fell into place" - maybe by magic!! My 5 year old granddaughter thought it looked easy and has started to put it together, but hasn't finished yet - it will be interesting to see if she is able to complete it on her own!

— Ginny

“My nine-year old son Henry and I were given a Triazzle puzzle as a present and we were instantly hooked as soon as we took it out of the box. As we were attempting to solve it, others came by and joined the fun. The puzzle is like a sudoku, but with beautiful images instead of numbers. It was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon without screens and work out one's mental muscles without it being at all "mathy." My son tried various ways to solve the puzzle and was fully engaged for more than an hour. We discussed strategy and worked off each other's ideas until finally...in an act of inspiration, tore it all up, started again and solved it. It is an extremely rewarding and fun game and subversively educational, but don't tell your kids that. We have already given several Triazzles out to Henry's friends and plan to have a Triazzle marathon on the next rainy day!

— Brandon and Henry

“Why would a Spanish teacher use Triazzle Puzzles? In my high school Spanish classes I teach a lot more than language. I expect my students to learn responsibility, accountability, teamwork and interpersonal skills. I want them to disconnect from their phones and practice being present. Triazzle helps my students focus on these skills that are not specifically part of the Spanish curriculum. When students play Triazzle they work together, make eye-contact, and are fully engaged in solving the brain teaser. Faced with a challenge, they collaborate, sharing ideas to find the solution. Some students that are normally introverted in the typical classroom environment emerge as leaders in this alternative setting. Triazzle is a beautiful and unique change of pace for any teacher and a fun and engaging activity for students.

— Erin, Spanish Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District

“I gave my students the option to go on Chromebooks or complete a Triazzle, and everyone chose a Triazzle!! This has been such a turn around for such a technology focused era.”

— Christina Scrudato, 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher, New Jersey